United Overseas Bank

Okay, the brief may sound a little odd – to promote an exclusive, women-only credit card. But as one of the few female creatives in the department, this assignment naturally fell to me. I like to think that what emerged was a strong female voice. I also got to cut my teeth as a Creative Lead on the project. The campaign resulted in a 400% conversion rate and went on to win AdAsia’s Campaign of the Year in 2006. TV by Hong Kong-based director Sng Tong Beng. Print by Australian photographer Georges Antoni.

Hell hath no fury when I’m scorned. I can take on the world in my Manolos. I am a warrior princess, a contradiction. I can conquer Mount Everest. But watching Beaches still makes me cry. When I talk about a problem, I’m not always looking for a solution. Rembrandt, Shakespeare and Brahms found their muse in me. I am Adam’s temptation. I am Eve. UOB Ladies Card. The men don’t get it.

I am the face that launched a thousand ships. I seduced Rome. Kings built monuments in my name. The Taj Mahal. The Temple of Athens. And Nefertiti’s Tomb. I may not have gone to war. But I’m brave enough to get a bikini wax. Vanity is my name. I have my manicurist and hairdresser on speed dial. I am the fairer sex. I am Venus.  UOB Ladies Card. The men don’t get it.

Hurricanes are named after me. I am strong. I am tempestuous. I am Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And Charlie’s Angel. I may not be able to read maps sometimes. But at least I can ask for directions. I love shoes; one pair is never enough. I can do everything Fred Astaire did. Backwards and in high heels. I am woman, hear me roar. UOB Ladies Card. The men don’t get it.